Mateo, Andy, Jebeh, and Maxwell


Hello My People

I’m Jebeh, an energetic storyteller,  full of smiles & dance moves, educator.  I love all things Multicultural and have shared my passion for educating my students and community for over 20 years. I love good energy, my family, and all of life’s gifts and lessons. I’m blessed and beyond grateful that you are here.

My Story & Purpose

I had dreamed of sharing my passion for Multicultural Education since I was in the sixth grade when my father visited my classroom. I emigrated to the United States when I was a toddler with my parents from Liberia in 1982. Witnessing my parents strive for academic and professional excellence with a grit of embracing their cultural identity and heritage was instilled in their four daughters. Growing up in a predominately white suburban area, I found myself teaching my peers and my teachers alike of my passion for showing everyone that I am proud of who I am and deserve to be seen and heard.  My purpose didn’t stop me in my formative years. I am a proud graduate from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a degree in Communication, a Post Baccalaureate Certification in Education, and a Masters of Science of Teaching from The College of St Scholastica.  

I’ve had trials and triumphs in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Being a first-generation immigrant, pushing through all challenges of sustaining and building new roots is the reason why I’m working tirelessly to provide my clients with the tools they need to make a more inclusive community.  I have had the entrepreneurial spirit in my various jobs, from working in broadcast journalism early in my career to teaching thousands of students from preschool to the collegiate level. Every milestone has to lead me to this moment. I’m so amazed seeing how far I’ve come, with how many students and colleagues I’ve taught through my  multicultural stories and lessons. When my father visited my 6th-grade classroom, he insisted that I stand up in front of my peers and teacher and proclaim my cultural pride.  That powerful acknowledgment set me on the trajectory of my purpose God had declared in me.

Thirty years later, I’m a loving wife and mother of two busy boys. I’m the CEO of Jebeh Cultural Consulting. I’ve been a  founding member of the African Heritage Board Commission in my beloved city, and I’m a veteran educator.  Most importantly, I love my husband, my sons, my mother and stepfather, my late father, sisters, nieces, nephews,  and the best in-laws a girl could pray for, friends, colleagues, and my family who are no longer with us physically. 

I am so excited to show you that  Jebeh Cultural Consulting will take Multicultural Education to the next level. I am motivated to provide you with the tools in this space to give you a positive experience for your organizations and community.  

Let’s get it started!