Teacher Tips


When setting up your classroom library, or updating your classroom library, be sure to purchase books printed less than 20 years. I know some classics are dear to our hearts. I do have some too, that provide me with fond memories. We need to update our classroom library that way, students can see themselves represented with the present day in mind.


Keep your brown and white eggs in the fridge. I can't tell you how many times I've visited classrooms where teachers crack open a brown egg and a white egg on a paper plate with an index card tent that reads "We're all the same on the inside." This visual misses the mark; kids just see two broken eggs and can't correlate eggs with people of color. There are more resources out there. I'm happy to help teach you new methods. Let's save our eggs for more essential purposes like making a frittata. I'll help you with meaningful lessons about real people that students can relate to in an impactful way.


I teach African Proverbs in my Writer's Workshop to my Fifth Graders. One of my favorite projects is when I share 30 famous African Proverbs and have my students interpret each one's meaning throughout the year. My surprise end of the year gift from me is an African Proverb that best describes each of my students. One of my students' shared her Irish heritage and gifted me an Irish proverb. "Let your anger set with the sun but not rise again with it." It sits atop my desk with my heart beaming with joy. The impact we have on our students is such a powerful force that is awesome beyond measure.