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Jebeh Edmunds, the passionate and vibrant storyteller behind Jebeh Cultural Consulting, brings a wealth of knowledge and contagious enthusiasm to the stage.

Elevate your gatherings, conferences, and seminars with thought-provoking narratives, dynamic presentations, and engaging discussions that celebrate diversity and promote positive change.

Take your event to new heights!

Educational conferences

Jebeh empowers educators and administrators to embrace inclusivity, enhancing learning environments for all.


Jebeh’s presentations at business conferences center on the significance of cultural proficiency in the corporate world. She emphasizes how embracing diversity fosters innovation, enhances productivity, and contributes to organizational success. Her talks provide actionable insights into leveraging cultural diversity as a strength within businesses.


Civic events witness Jebeh captivating audiences with discussions on cultural awareness and community engagement. Her talks aim to foster unity and understanding among diverse populations within communities. She encourages dialogue and mutual respect, emphasizing the value of cultural diversity in strengthening social bonds.


Jebeh’s workshops are designed to equip organizations with practical strategies and tools to navigate and embrace cultural diversity effectively. These sessions offer actionable steps for developing cultural competency, enabling participants to create more inclusive and welcoming environments.

With a wealth of experience as an educator and writer , Jebeh delivered compelling keynote addresses at educational and business conferences, as well as engaged diverse audiences at civic events. Moreover, she conducted interactive workshops on cultural competency, fostering a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives within organizations. Her speaking engagements are tailored to resonate with various audiences, ensuring an enlightening and immersive experience that sparks meaningful discussions and promotes inclusivity.

If you’re seeking a passionate speaker dedicated to igniting change and inspiring your audience, whether at an educational conference, business gathering, civic event, or for cultural competency workshops, reach out!

Let’s collaborate to make your next event an unforgettable and transformative experience!

Jebeh's commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience is evident in her ability to blend rich storytelling, practical insights, and thought-provoking discussions that resonate long after the event concludes.

Jebeh's 20+ years of experience in multicultural education, combined with her electrifying energy and expertise, ensure an unforgettable experience for your audience.


"Jebeh's keynote at our educational conference was a game-changer! Her passion for multicultural education resonated with our audience of educators and administrators.

We highly recommend her as a speaker who brings depth, energy, and invaluable knowledge to any educational gathering."
    • -Sarah Johnson, Conference Organizer
"We were fortunate to have Jebeh speak at our business conference on cultural proficiency. Her expertise in leveraging diversity within the corporate landscape was enlightening. "

Mark Thompson, Global Business Solutions

"Jebeh led an insightful workshop on cultural competency for our organization, and it was incredibly valuable. Her practical strategies for navigating cultural diversity in the workplace were eye-opening."

Emily Rodriguez, Human Resources Manager,

"Jebeh's presentation was a revelation! Her dynamic speaking style and deep knowledge of multicultural education left our conference attendees inspired and enlightened. We'll definitely invite her again!"

    • Mark Davis, Event Organizer
"Jebeh's workshop on cultural competency was a game-changer for our team. Her practical approach and engaging facilitation ignited productive conversations about diversity."

Alex Patterson, CEO

"Her keynote speech was the highlight of our business conference. Her insights into leveraging diversity for success resonated with our audience, leaving a lasting impression. We look forward to future collaborations!"

Lisa Chen, HR Manager

OUR Diverse Client Portfolio

Jebeh Cultural Consulting proudly collaborates with a broad spectrum of organizations, each driven by unique goals and challenges. From industry giants like:



  • – CHARMS Consulting 
  • – Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce
  • – Entrepreneur Fund
  • – Miller Dwan Foundation
  • – Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • – North Homes Children and Family 

Who We Served

Case Studies & Insights

Explore our case studies and blog posts for inspiring stories, practical insights, and thought-provoking perspectives on the transformative power of cultural proficiency and authentic connections. 

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- What topics does Jebeh specialize in for speaking engagements?

Jebeh specializes in a diverse array of topics related to multicultural education, cultural proficiency, diversity in educational and corporate settings, community engagement, and workshops on cultural competency. Her expertise encompasses fostering inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and navigating cultural differences effectively.

- Can Jebeh tailor her presentations to suit the specific needs of our event or organization?

Absolutely! Jebeh understands the importance of aligning her message with the unique requirements of different audiences and events. Whether it’s an educational conference, a business gathering, a civic event, or a workshop on cultural competency, she customizes her talks to resonate deeply with the audience and address the specific themes or objectives of the event or organization.

- How can we book Jebeh for a speaking engagement?

Booking Jebeh for a speaking engagement is simple! You can reach out directly via email at to discuss your event details, desired topics, dates, and any specific requirements you have. Her team will work closely with you to coordinate and plan a presentation or workshop that aligns perfectly with your event’s goals and ensures a memorable and impactful experience for your audience.


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